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Most Recent Goods

Kasagen Oiled Paper Umbrellas

Traditional oiled paper umbrellas (wagasa) from Kyoto's oldest umbrella shop
Kyōto-shi Kyōto-fu JP

Indoor Gardens and Terrariums

Center your space with these zen gardens
Boston MA US

Home’s Favourite Durian Cookies

Durian in a biscuit
15 Jalan Tepong Singapore SG

Chocolats Privilège Chocolates and Spreads

Montreal's only bean-to-bar chocolatier
1225 Rue de Condé Montréal QC CA

Eco-Friendly Heritage Shophouse Tingkat Carrier

Modeled after heritage shophouses, this unusual tiffin carrier is made from biodegradable and food safe rice husks

Spin Ceramics

Ceramics pieces that are "stunningly unique works of art that seamlessly blend form with function"

Caramels by McCrea’s Candies

Classic slow-cooked caramels with east coast flavors

Kaga Boucha – Roasted Kukicha “Twig Tea”

A roasted twig tea that was made for Emperor Showa
Kaga-shi Ishikawa-ken JP

Gourmet Gummies

Artisanally created yummy gummies you'll want to hoard
6801 Route Transcanadienne Pointe-Claire QC CA

Chocolate from Les Chocolats de Chloé

Mouthwatering treats with a Canadian French twist

SHANG System

Contemporary modular storage system that employs visual elements from the Ming Dynasty
263 Beach Road Singapore SG

MiiR Insulated Bottles

Insulated bottles beautiful in form, function, and purpose
3400 Stone Way North Seattle WA US