Justine Miller of Miles, Dirt, & Rover

Handcrafted indoor dish gardens and terrariums that will brighten up any space
While at a Harvest Market last fall, my eye instantly gravitated towards these terrariums that were displayed against a backdrop of reclaimed wood crates. The meticulously crafted indoor gardens were encased in sleek and simple glass domes and pots that would bring a modern and springtime oasis atmosphere to any home or office. They are the perfect goods for someone who has black thumb because they are low maintenance.


The woman behind Miles, Dirt & Rover is Justine Miller, who graduated from the University of Vermont in 2016. After a year of unfulfilling time in corporate America, she wanted to channel her creativity into crafting indoor dish gardens and terrariums. She lives with her boyfriend and adorable wheaten terrier, Rover, just outside of Boston.

What is your inspiration behind your goods?

JM: I am so inspired by the idea of bringing pieces of what we love about the natural world into our homes and the homes of those we love. Succulents are resilient, they adapt to change, and refuse to succumb to conditions of neglect. These are some things that we can all draw inspiration from as we make our way through life (especially as a small business owner). House plants have the uncanny ability to make any space more beautiful. I believe our homes are our sanctuaries, they are where we retreat from the world and spend time with those we love, and we love helping our customers find the right plant for their lifestyle and helping them to brighten their home by adding some greenery to a windowsill, a bedside table, or bookcase.

What is the most unique about where you live?

JM: I think unique finds from local artisans make the best souvenirs

What is the top place you have visited?

JM: I love visiting Vermont (specifically Burlington, VT) because of its beautiful views and vast support of locally owned and operated farms and businesses. Some of the goods I make sure I stock up on when visiting are a variety of craft beers, local cheese, maple syrup (of course), artisan jewelry, and art from local vendors.

Miles, Dirt & Rover offers a variety of succulents, foliage and ferns in all different types of environments like pots, glass globes and hanging containers. Check out more here at http://milesdirtandrover.com