Inspired by the Whole Earth Catalog, Geniegoods is your resource for discovering and accessing the best, local recommended goods from around the world. If you have tips or suggestions, please join our mission to build the Whole World Collection of Coveted Goods.

    • Traveling to a city? Before you embark, check out what interesting goods you can bring home, and share your unique finds with us!
    • Plugged into the local scene? Become an expert Genie and help local makers and stores gain the recognition they deserve.
    • Looking for some shopping inspiration from the comfort of home? Browse our collection by city or product category. Many goods are available online through the makers’ websites; otherwise a local Genie may be able to help.

The Start of Our Journey

We have started out featuring Boston and Singapore, two cosmopolitan cities we are intimately familiar with, but thanks to you, our collection is expanding to include all corners of the world.

Tseh-Hwan Yong

Tseh-Hwan is an avid shopper who loves to ferret out interesting goods wherever she lands. She has owned and operated a maker/retail store in Cambridge, Mass, traveled as a management consultant, and researched biomaterials as a scientist. She now applies her zest for shopping and travel and her obsessive data collection streak to assembling the world’s largest collection of coveted goods on Geniegoods. Born and bred in Singapore, Tseh-Hwan has lived in cities across the world and now calls Boston home.

Bo Tsang DiMatteo

Bo is creative thinker and designer at heart and loves to shop. Bo Tsang’s humble beginnings came from boutique design and advertising shops in the wilds of San Francisco and has landed in Boston to continue to live her big design dreams with start-ups. Bo loves to learn about a new vacation spot by discovering quaint shops, exploring hidden gems not in tour guide sites, and sampling their version of dumplings and chips (or crisps).

Tseh-Hwan and Bo realized that they were each other’s spirit animal with their passion for finding unique local treasures and would always compare notes from places they’ve visited.  They wanted to bring their finds to the rest of the world with Geniegoods. Steve Lee, the self-professed token tech guy, made their dreams a digital reality.