Antique Japanese Textiles

Rich assortment of antique textiles such as silk pieces from kimonos, chintz, hand dyed fabrics, and sakiori fabrics

In the quaint hundred-year-old Nakamura Chingireya (中村珍裂屋, founded in 1898), you will find a marvelous assortment of antique textiles, some of which look like they belong in a museum. Select from indigo dyed cloths, silk brocades from kimonos, sakiori cloths (裂織り, a type of collage fabric), kosodes (小袖), sarasa (更紗, chintz) and more, mostly from the Meiji and Edo periods. Not far from Nakamura Chingireya is Konjaku Nishimura (今昔西村), another 100-year-old store specializing in beautiful antique textiles particularly kimonos and obis from the Edo period to the beginning of Showa. Both stores also carry a selection of accessories made from these antique textiles such as purses, eyeglass holders, business card holders, and pouches.

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JPY 800+ for accessories.
Varies for textiles; whole kimonos are JPY 38,000 - 400,000.

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