Astronaut Stuffed Toys

Adorable astronaut animals that inspire kiddos to reach for the skies

When you (or your kid) especially enjoy a museum, you may be inclined (or compelled) to pick up something from the museum store to bring home. Among the collection of books, toys, clothing and other cool items on two levels at the National Air and Space Museum Store, the kiddo homed in on these adorable astronaut stuffed toys. The astronaut teddy bear and astronaut Hello Kitty appear to be unique and exclusive to Smithsonian museum shops. The astronaut Curious George is a tad more huggable. Or, if your kid is into astronauts, you could suit him or her up in this cute Child’s Astronaut Suit.


Astronaut Teddy Bear: USD 16
Astronaut Hello Kitty: USD 35
Astronaut Curious George: USD 35
Child's Astronaut Suite: USD 49.99

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