Balmuda Steam Toaster Oven

Sleek steam toaster oven that makes perfect toast

Balmuda’s Steam Toaster Oven creates impeccable toast – pillowy soft on the inside and beautifully crisp on the outside. This sleek, good-looking toaster, available in white, gray, and black, accomplishes the feat by using a combination of steaming and toasting technologies. The toaster creates steam during the heating process, and cycles through a set of 3 temperatures (60℃, 160℃, and ending at 220℃) to seal in moisture and finally crisp and caramelize the exterior. There are different modes for regular toast, croissant, cheese bread, and french bread, where the heating cycles are slightly different. If you are in the market for a high end toaster that looks fantastic on your counter and creates perfect toast each time, Balmuda’s version nails it.

This oven is available only in Japan and Korea currently but occasionally pops up on Amazon.


JPY 22,900 before tax

Author: kadomi

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