Basic Skinny Sweats

Sweatpants, skinny jeans and leggings in a blender

No worries about getting kicked off a United Airlines flight with Skinny Sweats!

Yup, because Skinny Sweats are basically “sweatpants, skinny jeans and leggings in a blender” and while the sweatshirt fabric allows you to stay comfortable all day long while you’re out of home, the skinny fit might make them more appropriate to wear outside of your home (especially on a United flight). Handmade in Canada, Skinny Sweats have been a staple of the Toronto local fashion scene since the brand’s inception in 2010 and they are now available in a variety of colours, lengths and fabrics to suit your needs.

Skinny Sweats are a must-have for any casual wardrobe! Or a United Airlines flight.


CAD 89

Author: misschris2025

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