Brazos Bottom Pecan Pie

A rich, gooey, and much raved about Texan pecan pie

Texans think Goode Co.’s Brazos Bottom Pecan Pie is the best pecan pie out there. Indeed this is the one we buy to bring to people, and then they thank their lucky stars for it (even if they are not in Texas; see print on wooden pie box).

From the makers of this award winning version, here’s a brief history of the pecan pie. And here are the details of this particular pie from their website:

“A nine-inch pecan pie shipped in a pine gift box. But this is no ordinary pie. It is a Texas pecan pie, which means it is bigger and gooier and richer than any other “real deal” out there, chock-full of fresh Texas pecans harvested from the banks of the Brazos River then nestled into luscious layers of homemade Goodeness.

A decadent balance of sweet and savory, this small slice of Texas was first perfected by our grandmother. Hers is the blissful batter we’ve been baking, sweet and slow, ever since we opened Goode Company Texas Barbeque back in 1977. Each pie is still handmade, with farm fresh eggs and all natural Texas pecans—because anything half-baked just isn’t our style.”


USD 40

Author: henriwho

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