Chidoriya Skincare Inspired by Geisha and Maiko

Natural skincare products made with uniquely Japanese ingredients

Kyoto Chidoriya (京都ちどりや) began in 1949 as a store catering only to maiko (geisha apprentice) and geisha, selling them pretty fashion accessories and natural cosmetics. Today the store is popular with locals and foreigners alike. Their skincare range is inspired by the beauty rituals of geisha and maiko, and has expanded under the guidance of the founder’s 2nd daughter, who is a make-up artist and wanted to “make skin care products that are 100% natural and organic using Japanese traditional ingredients with a twist”.

Their products include Secret de Maiko and Secret de Geisha Face Creams containing Japanese ingredients such as camellia oil and gettou alpinia zerumbet oil, a clarifying facial soap made with camellia oil, azuki red bean powder and brown sugar, and yuzu and hinoki balms. We are particularly drawn to two products which we think are uniquely Japanese: the Peach Moon (月桃) Herbal Face Water and the Kudzu Facial Powder. The former is made with the distillate of gettou (月桃), or alpinia zerumbet, a plant  in the ginger family native to Okinawa. Use this herbal water, which is high in polyphenols and has anti-inflammatory properties, as a toner or a soothing facial mist. The Kudzu Facial Powder is a natural product made from carefully refining kudzu to obtain an extremely smooth and fine powder, then combining with Kinuunmo, a natural clay containing a pearly mica that is only found in Japan. The resulting translucent powder applies beautifully onto skin, providing a slight sheen while absorbing excess sebum. Items inspired by maiko and geisha are refined indeed.


Secret de Maiko Face Cream: JPY 4,212
Secret de Geisha Face Cream: JPY 4,428
Facial Soap with Azuki and Brown Sugar: JPY 1,944
Hinoki Balm: JPY 2,808
Yuzu Balm: JPY 2,808
Peach Moon Herbal Face Water: JPY 4,644
Kudzu Facial Powder: JPY 3,402

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