Chocolat Moderne Chocolates

Delightful avant-garde flavors from a modern chocolatier

As its name implies, Chocolate Moderne creates chocolates with modern, avant-garde flavors. Founder Joan Coukos switched careers from banking to making chocolates after being inspired on a trip to Brussels, and now conjures up award-winning delights with non-traditional flavors in her laboratory-cum-store in Chelsea. Some of the bonbons and bars we are enamored with include:

Les Nymphes: A silky truffle with lychee pâte de fruit layered over lychee ganache

La Dolce Grapefruit: One of their award-winning signature flavors, a perfect match of the tartness of fresh grapefruit and the sweet creaminess of caramel

Persimmon-Peach: Caramel with organic Fuyu persimmons and white peaches

Shiso-Lime: Dark ganache infused with shiso leaf (Japanese mint) and lime

Caramel Caresse: A luscious soft caramel with Poire Williams Pear and Eau de Vie

Solbeso Mi Mucho Bar: Filled with caramel blended with sea salt, unsweetened chocolate and Solbeso®, the first spirit to be distilled from the pulp of cacao

Bazar Bar: Dark chocolate bar filled with freshly made almond marzipan blended with creamy white chocolate ganache

There are many more flavors, collected in assortment boxes or available individually at their store, certainly enough to make any chocoholic giddy with delight.


Avant-Garde Bars: USD 8
Assortment Box, 12 pc: USD 44
Assortment Box, 24 pc: USD 69

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