Clay Diffusers for Essential Oils

Aesthetically pleasing white clay diffusers impart elegance and aroma

We have an assortment of Hysses’ scenting clays distributed around the house and seem to keep amassing more on every trip to Singapore. Clay diffusers are great for their ease of use – just drip a few drops of essential oil onto the clay pieces and you are good to go. And we haven’t found more aesthetically pleasing designs than the ones at Hysses (formally branded as Mount Sapola). The whiteness of the clay imparts a simple elegance in contrast to the earthiness of traditional terra cotta stone diffusers. Their collection spans beautifully crafted flowers (e.g. lotus, carnation, orchid, rose, etc.) to lucky charms with tassels that you can hang in your closet or car, to pieces of seashells/gingko leaves/maple leaves on wooden trays. We want them all.


SGD 25 and up

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