Damascus Knives

Handsome, ultra-sharp knives made from multiple layers of steel alloys

Damascus knives are named after the legendary Damascus steel, which reputedly could be honed to such a sharp edge that a hair falling across the blade could be sliced. While the method of producing Damascus steel has been lost, Damascus knives are so named because they share the same ripple/wavy patterns on their blades and maintain a razor-sharp cutting edge. To achieve these properties, Damascus knives are forged with a hard carbon steel core and sandwiched by multiple layers of stainless steel on either side. The layering produces the watery pattern. Using more than one material for the blade allows the melding of properties: the carbon steel imparts sharpness whereas the tarnish-resistant stainless steel protects the core.

Kappabashi in Tokyo is a paradise for kitchen tools. The Kama-Asa store (釜浅商店) in Kappabashi, in business since 1908, has a good selection of Damascus knives (plus a lot of other cool tools). Prices here range from 5,000 yen to upwards of 20,000 yen.

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JPY 5,000-20,000+

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