Duck Shing Ho Egg Rolls

Hong Kong's tastiest, most famous, and hardest-to-get egg rolls

Duck Shing Ho egg rolls are recognized as Hong Kong’s best and most famous egg rolls. They are fresh, fragrant, and thick yet delicately crunchy (each disintegrates beautifully in your mouth when you bite into it) and come in Original, Coconut, and Butter flavors. The Coconut is the most popular. Despite the surging demand for its products, the family-run bakery has chosen to maintain its one original shop instead of expanding so these coveted egg rolls are difficult to get. Customers have to wait in line before the shop opens and each person is limited to a strict quota of 2 large tins or 4 smaller tins or the equivalent. This article explains in more detail. Before festivals, especially the Lunar New Year, pre-orders need to be made waaaay in advance (we are talking months). Everyone seems to love these egg rolls, and the harder they are to procure, the more popular they become. What can we say, they are a must-try!

Photo Credit: Coconuts Hong Kong and Follow Me Foodie


Large tin: HKD 150+
Small tin: HKD 80+

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