Ette Tea Local Flavours

Unique tea blends inspired by local foods such as Ice Kacang, Chicken Rice, and Nasi Lemak

Chicken Rice tea, anyone? Don’t get turned off by the notion of chicken fat in your tea (there’s none). Ette Tea creates unique blends of tea with a local twist. The Chicken Rice tea is a blend of Japanese kukicha with lemongrass, ginger, and pandan – the last 3 condiments are all ingredients in real chicken rice – and is fragrant and refreshing. Other interesting teas include Nasi Lemak, Ice Kacang, Kebaya Blue, and Mango Sticky Rice. We love the idea and the execution. The Nasi Lemak, in particular, smells authentic and delicious.


5 Tea Sachets: SGD 8
Packet, 35-50 g: SGD 18
Tea Caddy, 35-50 g: SGD 26

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