Gnome & Bow Clifford Reversible Backpack

Cool reversible backpacks with a Jekyll-Hyde personality

A reversible backpack for adults (unisex too) is unusual and not an easy creation to pull off but Gnome & Bow’s Clifford Backpack is one cool specimen. One side is a solid color nylon – think of it as representing a smooth, collected Dr. Jekyll – whereas the other side is a cotton canvas printed with motifs illustrating the wild side of Mr. Hyde. To reinforce the character association, check the bottom of the bag which is inscribed with “Let me out – Hyde” on one side and “That’s enough… – Jekyll” on the other.

The bag has a neoprene padded laptop compartment, an exterior zipper pocket, plus a number of interior slots. It comes in two color combos currently: midnight blue nylon/khaki cotton canvas and forest green nylon/olive cotton canvas.

In case you are wondering about the brand name, “the Gnome represents that element of fantasy while the Bow symbolises the mark of class”. The Clifford manifests the brand ethos but if a backpack doesn’t speak to you, check out their reversible Strand Briefcase or the Milton Crossbody Clutch.


Clifford Backpack: SGD 395
Strand Briefcase: SGD 385
Milton Crossbody Clutch: SGD 245

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