Gourmet Gummies

Artisanally created yummy gummies you'll want to hoard

Visiting one of Squish’s stores is literally like being a kid in a candy store. Prosecco Bears, Yuzu Mimosa, Wine O’Clock, Cosmo Flamingo, Pink Velvet, and Green Apple Frogs are just some of the gummies in their staggering collection. Our favorite is the Sweet Yogurt Cups, a lip-smacking blend of sweet and tart in a spongy, softer-than-usual gummy. Squish uses real fruits, spices, and other flavors (like wine!) in its products, many of which are made without artificial colors and flavorings (tip: the blue-colored products tend to contain artificial colors). They also have a vegan line, and constantly put out interesting new flavors. Love!


CAD 6 per bag

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