Guild Eyewear Royals Sunglasses (Cherry, Tortoise or Black/White)

One of the coolest pair of round sunglasses you'll find

John Lennon. Iris Apfel. Steve Jobs. Waldo. Jackie O. What do all these people have common?

I’ll let you think for a minute. Yup, you guessed it, their signature round frames! Now it’s time for you to get your pair of signature round frames, courtesy of Toronto-based Guild Eyewear!

The Guild Eyewear Royals sunglasses is probably one of the coolest pair of round sunglasses you’ll find. Each pair is uniquely designed and made by hand in Guild’s studio in the Junction. I visited the Guild studio to pick up my own pair of Royals in Tortoise, and was amazed at the frames – they feel light yet are sturdy, the two-tone design is quite cool and the sunglasses will be fashionable for every occasion. Plus, you can pop in your prescription if need be. These frames make the world go round, a must-try (or must-buy) for every Torontonian at heart!


CAD 220

Author: misschris2025

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