Home’s Favourite Durian Cookies

Durian in a biscuit

Durian, the thorny, pungent King of Fruits, inspires fanaticism as well as repulsion. We are solidly in the fan club – we think the richness and gradation of flavors are simply unparalleled – and we take every opportunity to savor the fruit.

Due to its popularity in South East Asia, durian has made its way into a variety of confections and desserts. In Singapore you can sample durian cakes, pancakes, ice cream, mooncakes, fried fritters, nonya kuehs, and much more: see herehere and here. One of the more delectable and travel-friendly confections we have found is Home’s Favourite Durian Cookies. Made with either the D24 varietal or the Mao Shan Wang varietal, these cookies taste of, in a less intense and approachable fashion, the real fruit. Home’s Favourite is also famous for their durian mooncakes which are lauded for the high ratio of premium durian used in the filling, but these need to be refrigerated and are only available in August/September for mooncake festival.


Mao Shan Wang Durian Cookies: SGD 42 per tin
D24 Durian Cookies: SGD 35 per tin

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