Imabari Towels

The best towels in Japan - luxuriously soft and highly absorbent

Our son was gifted some incredibly soft towels when he was born, and our kind Japanese friends would explain, “these towels are from Imabari”. We came to realize that Imabari towels are some of the highest quality in the world – soft, highly absorbent, and free of bleach and formaldehydes during processing. They have been made in Imabari in the prefecture of Ehime in Shikoku since 1894, and are tagged with a red and blue trademark only if they meet a slew of quality standards. This article provides great info. A wide selection of Imabari towels can be found at the Imabari Towel Main Store, Imabari International Hotel Store, or specialty shops and high-end departments throughout Japan.


Varies depending on size and style. Gift sets shown are JPY 9,936 - 13,176.

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