Jacques Torres Chocolates

All manner of chocolatey goodness from a modern day Willy Wonka

Jacques Torres is the authority on chocolates. Known as Mr. Chocolate, he has won multiple culinary awards (he was the youngest pastry chef in history to win the prestigious M.O.F. medal), hosted shows, and written books about chocolate. At his 40,000 sq ft chocolate factory in Brooklyn, he makes his chocolate from scratch, beginning with the fumigation and roasting of cocoa beans until they are turned into smooth, molten chocolate. His creations from fresh, premium ingredients are decadent and thoroughly delectable, be they a box of his truffles, pralines and caramels, his *amazing* chocolate chip cookies, or his wickedly good Wicked Hot Chocolate. Yet they come at a lower price point than those from other top chocolatiers. As he put it to Inc. Magazine, Jacques Torres wants “to make the best product possible and be the least expensive of the best chocolate makers”. To that, we say, “hurray!”. You can’t really go wrong with anything you get here.


Box of 25 Truffles, Pralines, Caramels: USD 39
Chocolate Chip Cookies, bag of 6 baked cookies or bag of cookie mix: USD 18
Wicked Hot Chocolate, 18 oz tin: USD 18

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