Kaga Boucha – Roasted Kukicha “Twig Tea”

A roasted twig tea that was made for Emperor Showa

Kukicha, or “twig tea” is made from tea stems instead of tea leaves. The kukicha produced by Maruhachi Seichajo (丸八製茶場) uses high quality first flush stems and is known as Kaga Boucha – Kaga (加賀) for their city and Boucha (棒茶) meaning “stick tea”. The tea stems are roasted, which makes Kaga Boucha a form of houjicha. Unlike regular houjicha though, Kaga Boucha has a milder, sweeter taste and a light roasted aroma, the sweetness coming from the higher levels of L-theanine in tea stems than in leaves. Company legend has it that the birth of Kaga Boucha was inspired by a visit from Emperor Showa to Kanazawa. The emperor, who only drank houjicha, sent a request to bring him the best houjicha, and that precipitated the quest for a high quality tea with a sublime taste that ultimately became today’s Kaga Boucha.


60 g can: JPY 1,296
120 g can: JPY 1,836

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