Kazurasei Hair Ornaments and Combs

Elegant Japanese hair ornaments and boxwood combs from a historic Kyoto store

Kazurasei Roho (“roho” meaning “old shop”) (かづら清老舗) started out in the Gion section of Kyoto in 1865 catering to geisha and performers. Today it is known for exquisite hair ornaments (kanzashi) of their original design that are beautifully handcrafted from materials such as lacquer, some of which are in-laid with mother-of-pearl and dusted with 24K gold, silk crepe, and gingko wood. While these hair ornaments elegantly complement a kimono, the store has suggestions on how to wear them in a modern and chic fashion and with different hairstyles, e.g. short vs. long, Japanese vs. Western.

Also coveted from Kazurasei are boxwood combs, the best of which are made from Satsuma Tsuge wood from Kagoshima. The wood is dense and smooth and less prone to static electricity – some believe these combs help prevent hair loss. Here you’ll find combs and brushes of different lengths and tooth widths to suit your needs.


Hair Ornaments: JPY 3,888 - 102,600
Boxwood Combs and Brushes: JPY 3,240 - 18,792

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