Makey Makey Invention Kit

Turn everyday objects like bananas and jello into touchpads to control games and the internet

Based on a project started by two students at the MIT Media Lab, then funded through Kickstarter, the Makey Makey Kit allows you to turn everyday objects like bananas and play doh into touchpads to control games, computer programs, and webpages. How cool is that?! Just alligator-clip objects to the Makey Makey board, and when you touch the object, you make a connection and the Makey Makey board sends a signal to the computer. Objects that can conduct a little bit of electricity will work (usually something with a bit of moisture or metal), e.g. fruits, jello, coins, cans, dad, pets, etc.

The kit comes with a Makey Makey Board, USB Cable, 7 Alligator Clips, 6 Connector Wires, Instructions with Visual Project Start Guide, Online Documentation, and 20 Color Stickers. No programming knowledge or experience is required, and setup is a breeze. Recommended for ages 8 to infinity.


USD 49.95

Author: say1

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