Mamegen Assorted Nuts

150-year-old brand using traditional methods to create interesting and addictive new flavors of nuts

Azabu Juban, an exclusive neighborhood in Tokyo with old town vibes, is home to multiple century-old shops, and the most famous of them is probably Mamegen (豆源). Loosely translated, Mamegen means “nut source”, and today it is the source of 100+ variations on nuts, soybeans, peas, rice crackers, and other snacks. Mamegen’s nuts are roasted and coated in a crunchy, flavored shell. Choose from their extensive selection of sweet, savory, or spicy flavors including green tea (matcha), plum, yogurt, wasabi, apple, persimmon, black pepper, butter, cheese, curry, and squid, just to name a few. Our favorites are the tangy and sweet yogurt peanuts and the green (color wise and vegetal taste wise) matcha peanuts. This is food we will travel for.

Photo credit: JAL and Ikidane Nippon


Bag of 130-150g: JPY 300 and up

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