Marshmallow Fluff

The key ingredient in Fluffernutters, an all-American treat

Marshmallow Fluff, or simply, Fluff, has a special place in New Englanders’ hearts. Many grew up eating Fluffernutters, which are fluff + peanut butter sandwiches, use fluff as fillings for Whoopie Pies or to make fudge, or simply eat it out of the jar. Fluff was created in Union Square, Somerville, MA in 1917 by Archibald Query. Every Fall in Union Square, the invention of Fluff is celebrated at the Fluff Festival featuring a cooking contest (using Fluff of course), Fluff-themed games, musical performances, local vendors, and more. The 2017 festival celebrates the 100th anniversary of Fluff.

This fluffy, sticky, sweet product has been made with the same recipe (whipped sugar, corn syrup, dehydrated egg whites, and vanillin) in East Lynn since 1929. Current flavors include original and strawberry. Check The Online Yummy Book for fluff-based recipes and inspiration.


7.5 oz Jars, Case of 6: USD 18
16 oz Tubs, Case of 6, USD 30

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