North Atlantic Dried Seaweed

Sustainably harvested and certified organic seaweed from the Maine coast

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables sustainably harvests eight varieties of North Atlantic sea vegetables from the Maine coast: alaria, dulse, kelp, laver, sea lettuce, irish moss, rockweed, and bladderwrack. All eight are certified organic. The alaria is similar to Japanese wakame while the kelp is similar to Japanese kombu. The most popular of their products is the dulse, which is soft and chewy and can be eaten as a snack without cooking. The dulse is offered as whole leaf, flakes, granules, applewood smoked, and combined with spices to form seasonings. Their products are high quality and could be good alternatives to ones sourced from Asian waters. What further impresses us is that they conduct testing for radioactivity and purity regularly, and post the results online – a hallmark of a responsible company.


2 oz: USD 6.75+

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