Paul Morelli Pebble Collection

Organic forms and colorful juxtaposition of different gemstones and gold

What we like about Paul Morelli’s captivating pebble collection:

  • The fluid, organic forms which “evoke pebbles awash on the seashore”.
  • The juxtaposition of colors from different gemstones and gold. The pieces are crafted with gold of four colors: 18k yellow, white, pink, and black gold. Gemstones used include pink tourmalines, aquamarines, white diamonds, yellow diamonds, cognac diamonds, black diamonds, pink sapphires, Madeira citrines, and peridots.
  • Because each pebble has a different shape, each piece is distinctive.

The rings, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings come in either a cool-toned spring version or a warmed tone summer version, all designed and crafted at their atelier in Philadelphia.


Single Pebble Bracelet: USD 6,900-8,800 depending on size M-XL
Pebble Waterfall Necklace: USD 18,000
Pebble Ring: USD 5,500-6,600

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