Prima Taste Hainanese Chicken Rice Meal Kit

Prima Taste's meal kit makes it convenient to recreate this "must try" local dish at home

One of Singapore’s “national dishes”, Hainanese chicken rice is ubiquitous and beloved by Singaporeans across the island. Find it at hawker centers, school canteens as well as upscale restaurants. Anthony Bourdain liked the version at Tian Tian, and some will travel across continents to taste it. This dish comprises tender, juicy pieces of chicken bathed in a soy-sesame dressing, fragrant rice made with chicken broth, lemongrass, ginger, and pandan, and accompanying dark soy sauce, chilli sauce, and ginger sauce. The combination is simple but sublime. With their meal kit, Prima Taste makes it easy to recreate this dish at home.

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Author: kh2006

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