Recchiuti Chocolates

Fresh, well-balanced, and delightful chocolates from a top U.S. chocolatier

Recchiuti, a top U.S. chocolatier based in San Francisco, makes exquisite chocolates with complex, well-balanced flavors. Check out their range of flavors here. Their Black Box collection of 16 chocolates, which includes favorites such as Burnt Caramel, Force Noir, and Piedmont Hazelnut, was named Best Chocolate Box by The New York Times’ The Sweethome two years in a row. Their sipping hot chocolate has also won acclaim – it was named Best Hot Chocolate in the U.S. by Food and Wine Magazine.


Black Box (16 pieces): USD 45
San Francisco Landmarks (8 pieces, burnt caramel): USD 22
Dark Hot Chocolate (13.5 oz of pistoles): USD 18

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