Retro Random Rockets

Rocket ship sculptures from re-purposed vintage and antique artifacts

David Random’s Rocket ships are crafted from re-claimed antique and vintage parts. He scours antique shops and flea markets near and far to collect thousands of potential rocket ship parts Without any wielding, he will methodically design and piece together these parts into whimsical steampunk art that highlight a 1950s vision of space travel and future – lots of curves, chrome and geometric motifs. His rocket ship sculptures ignite the imagination to blast off into space and will make you look at every day appliances in a new light. His creations even inspired an award-winning short film called Rocketship created by Alfred Thomas Catalfo and Glenn Gardner.


Afterburner USD 2650
Equinox USD 2459
Fantasy Fetish USD 2275
Sonic Dream USD 1800
Supernova USD 2450
Sidewinder USD 1750
Galaxy Gold USD 3450

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