The Saucy Milliner Fedora

Toronto's most acclaimed hats

Kelly, the creator and head milliner of the Saucy Milliner, is a hoot. A former actress turned milliner, she pours her heart and soul into making some of Toronto’s most acclaimed hats, for her clients as well as for television shows and movies filming in the city. A favourite of Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, the Canadian Prime Minister’s wife, the first thing you’ll notice when you touch a Saucy Millner hat is how soft and smooth the fabric is, how perfectly the hat sits on your head and how flattering it looks even if you’re the most anti hat-wearing person there is. Her fedora is particularly amazing, with a modern yet retro look and feel that is great on virtually everyone.

Saucy Milliner hats come in various colours and can be custom made if desired.


Upon request

Author: misschris2025

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