SHANG System

Contemporary modular storage system that employs visual elements from the Ming Dynasty

Step into Scene Shang’s flagship store on Beach Road in the Kampong Glam area and you’ll instantly know you want to linger. Here’s why: an alluring display of contemporary Asian heritage-inspired furniture in a tranquil setting, attractive housewares plus interesting local art pieces, and very helpful staffers who offer tea (the one we met helped hunt down a discount – score!). One really cool piece you can’t miss is their award-winning SHANG system – a modular, multifunctional system that employs visual elements from the Ming Dynasty. It comprises a stool (DENG) as the base, drawers (HE) in different colors you stack above, and a tray (PAN) that goes on top. We love the look, the flexibility, and the functionality of the design.


Tray (PAN): SGD 428
Drawer (HE): SGD 528
Stool (DENG): SGD 598
1 Drawer System: SGD 1,500

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