Shang Xia Bridge Tea Cup with Bamboo Weaving

Exquisitely designed and crafted pieces incorporating traditional arts of China

The exquisitely crafted lifestyle products from Shang Xia (上下) are inspired by the rich heritage of Chinese design and artistry. Helmed by Jiang Qiong Er, the founder and artistic director, we first heard of Shang Xia as a luxury sub-brand of Hèrmes that is entirely designed, made, and managed in China. We weren’t particularly moved until we stepped into their first boutique in Shanghai (they have since moved to a beautiful Maison on Huaihai Rd). The knowledgeable and very patient salesperson there explained in detail the significance of each traditional craft incorporated into the products. For example, the bamboo weaving hugging each piece of their Bridge tea set comes from extremely thin, 0.4 mm wide strips of bamboo that must be flawless such that “50 kg of bamboo can produce only 400 grams of finished bamboo strips, the same price as silver“. Weaving these bamboo strips around the translucent white porcelain tea pots or cups takes days, which explains the price tag of RMB 4,500 (~USD 650) for a pair of tea cups.

Another craft that the salesperson introduced was eggshell porcelain, which at only 1 mm thick is, not surprisingly, so fragile that just 1 piece in a hundred survives the firing. Hold one of their finely crafted white eggshell porcelain pieces to the light and you’ll see the translucence and brilliance of the piece – simply remarkable. We were duly impressed and forked over dough for a small keepsake piece.


RMB 4,500

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