A Sip of Singapore Tea Tins

Drink this tea and think of me, says Singapore

At the flagship store of The 1872 Clipper Tea Company is a tea bar serving cold brewed tea on tap (yes, it comes out of beer taps and some are nitrogen infused!), award winning classic hot teas, and amazing tea infused cream puffs in earl grey, matcha, eternal garden (rose flavored), and milk tea. It’s the kind of place that will make you fall in love with tea all over again. And you will likely want to bring something home to brew. One good option is the simply accented but refined A Sip of Singapore, which comprises two tea blends – Garden Tea and Orchid tea.

In their words: Garden Tea is a delicate blend of the finest Ceylon leaves and beautiful, natural rose petals. Best savoured in the evening. A smooth tea accentuated by the sweetness of rose petals.
Orchid Tea is an enchanting blend of Oolong tea with genuine orchid petals. Savour its light floral aroma, coupled with sweet fruity flavours and a rich, creamy vanilla.

If you are looking for a more vibrant tea, try Taste of Singapore, which blends together Ceylon black tea, ginger, mango & pineapple dices, passion fruit and soursop flavouring.

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A Sip of Singapore, set of 2 tins: SGD 29
Taste of Singapore, pouch: SGD 18
Taste of Singapore, tin: SGD 26

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