Sunnyhills Pineapple Cakes

"What sunshine tastes like... if it was a cake"

Sunnyhills (微熱山丘) thinks of its pineapple cakes as sunny delights: “what sunshine tastes like… if it was a cake”. We, too, find them delightful because of a combination of three things: the story behind the company, the fine ingredients used, and last but not least, the rather sublime taste of the product. The Nantou-based family-owned company sources organically grown pineapples directly from farmers on Bagua mountain, butter from New Zealand, flour from Japan, and fresh eggs from a farmer who plays classical music for his hens. A master baker with 50 years of experience then transforms these premium ingredients into lovely little oblong blocks of buttery pastry surrounding a sweet and slightly tart pineapple jam. If you visit one of their stores, they will serve you a complimentary piece of pineapple cake with oolong tea (they go very well together), and you’ll more likely than not leave with a box of these aromatic golden ingots.


Box of 10: TWD 420
Box of 15: TWD 630

Author: say1

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