Supermama Porcelain Plates

A marriage of Japanese craftsmanship and original Singapore design

My curiosity was first piqued by the unconventional brand/store name – “Supermama” (read the heartwarming story behind the name here). And just because it had “super” in its name, it made me think of Superdry… (silly, I know). Interestingly, both have a Japanese element: a tongue-in-cheek influence in Superdry, and one showcasing traditional artisanship in Supermama.

Supermama collaborates with an impressive roster of Japanese craftsmen to bring original Singapore design to life in a range of housewares. For its porcelain plates line, you’ll find local motifs such as the Merlion, HDB flats, Tembusu, and orchids hand-painted onto Arita porcelain by KIHARA, a 400-year-old Japanese porcelain company. I struggled a little to decide if the plates are a Japanese omiyage (souvenir) or a Singaporean one, and came down on the side of the latter because a) they are only available in Singapore and b) the motifs are local. Supermama has certainly elevated the traditional Merlion souvenir to a highly covetable form.

P.S. Each design is limited edition and sells out so reserve the ones you want.


SGD 30 and up

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