Sushi KitKat Bars

Fishing-looking but yummy-tasting new flavors from KitKat Japan

KitKat Japan is famous for the unusual, seasonal and regional flavors it creates (300+ thus far) such as soy sauce, baked sweet potato, blueberry cheesecake, almond jelly, yubari melon, champagne raspberry, and creme brûlée. To celebrate the opening of their newest Chocolatory in Ginza, they created a set of 3 sushi KitKats designed to look like tuna sushi, egg sushi, and sea urchin sushi. Lest you worry about how fishy, literally, these chocolate wafers taste, they are actually a raspberry KitKat, a pumpkin pudding KitKat, and a Hokkaido yubari melon with mascarpone cheese KitKat. The sushi bars are available for a limited time only. But you can trust KitKat Japan to continue to launch interesting new flavors, some of which are available at their Chocolatory stores and website.


Sushi KitKat: Free with purchase of JPY 3,000 at Ginza Chocolatory in February, 2017 only
Gift Boxes, 4 bars: JPY 432
Gift Boxes, 10 bars: JPY 2,000+

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