Takezasado Woodblock Art

Woodblock art prints ranging from traditional Ukiyo-e to modern pieces

Woodblock printing is the world’s earliest printing method, originating in China before 220AD, and introduced to Japan with the spread of Buddhism when it was used to print Buddhist scrolls. The most famous of Japanese woodblock art prints is Ukiyo-e, a genre that arose and flourished during the Edo period.

Takezasado (竹笹堂), a woodblock printing studio, was established in Kyoto in 1891 by the Takenaka family. Today, it is helmed by the 4th generation Seihachi Takenaka, with the 5th and 6th generation master printers also playing key roles. We are especially drawn to the artwork of the 5th generation Kenji Takenaka, whose compositions depict scenes around Kyoto in a contemporary style with beautiful gradations of color. His works have been collected by the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Massachusetts. His collaboration with illustrator Kunie Kanbara to create modern Ukiyo-e, named “Imaukiyo-e”, is striking and distinctive. These bijinga (portraits of beautiful women common in Ukiyo-e) are of spirited and carefree modern women. The 6th generation Yuko Harada is an accomplished craftswoman whose artwork is visually bright and warm. All prints are limited edition.

Takezasado also carries a wide range of woodblock printed products such as stationery, paper lanterns, wind chimes, paper fans, and modern goods such as phone cases. Learn more about woodblock printing on the Takezasado website here.


Unframed prints: JPY 2,000 - 480,000

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