Takezasado Woodblock Print Making Starter Kits

Try your hand at woodblock printing with these starter sets

Woodblock printing, a form of letterpress printing, is the world’s earliest printing method. The process entails three steps: an artist creating the picture, an engraver transcribing the design in reverse to a series of wood blocks, and a printer coating the wood blocks with paint/ink then laying paper on each block to transfer the design.

Takezasado (竹笹堂), a woodblock printing studio, was established in Kyoto in 1891 by the Takenaka family. The studio creates new artwork, recreates historic Ukiyo-e prints, and develops a range of woodblock printed products such as stationery, paper lanterns, and other home goods. One of their aims is to promote woodblock printing and expand the possibilities of this printing technique. To this end they hold regular workshops and demonstrations at their main studio, and also collaborate with other artists and artisans to expand the repertoire of products and possibilities. Learn more about woodblock printing on the Takezasado website here.

For those interested in trying their hands at woodblock printing, Takezasado has assembled starter kits comprising a set of 5 engraving knives, a chisel, a brush for spreading paint on the block, a rubbing disc for transferring paint to paper, and two wood blocks. For an extra 2,000 yen, you can get their introductory book on woodblock printing plus 20 sheets of washi paper included.


Basic print making set: JPY 12,407
Starter print making set with book: JPY 14,407

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