Weatherproof Aluminum Gongs

Unique contemporary gongs that look and sound good

I never thought I would want to own a gong. But at the Gloucester Waterfront Festival, against an expansive ocean backdrop, the beautiful, resounding gongs from Boston Gongs captivated us. These gongs are special – they are rectangular and silver (made of weatherproof aluminum) instead of round and bronze. It almost surprised me to strike one of these thin, rectangular pieces and be rewarded with a sound of deep, majestic timbre. Each piece is handcrafted by John Murphree, a Berklee-trained musical composer, in his Malden studio. John is also a skilled woodworker and makes graceful stands for his gongs if you want to display them indoors.

After determining that I did want to own a gong, the next step was to decide which pitch and which design. The pitch varies with the width of the gong, John explained. Regardless of pitch, all the gongs had a calming, centering quality. We finally went with a narrower gong of a slightly higher pitch. As for the design, John finishes the gong surface with nature-inspired images such as sun/moon, lotus, wheat, and evergreen tree. My toddler, who had been going to town with the mallet (also handmade), settled on one with an evergreen tree.

Another of John’s creations that you have to check out is the bowed chimes. This instrument looks like a xylophone but is played with a bow on the sides (see pic). I have never seen anything like it and the sound it produces is really quite sublime.


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