Winter Hill 3D Printed Earrings

Colorful jewelry 3D-printed from a compostable plastic

While strolling the Greenway Market in Boston one Saturday, we were charmed by Vanessa Templeman’s colorful display of 3D printed jewelry. Vanessa’s original designs are printed of PLA (polylactic acid), a plant-based compostable plastic. We particularly like the bee earrings and the geometric rectangular earrings. In addition to jewelry, Vanessa prints cute little cupcake toppers that Lego figures can hold (e.g. “Happy Birthday”, “Congrats”, “Resist”) as well as functional things like toothbrush holders (our toddler got one in his favorite color).

We were further impressed when we found out that hers is a family of 3D-printing artists – her husband, Chris Templeman, is the artist behind the 3D printer that’s constructing and dispensing red plastic roosters in Chinatown Park this Year of the Rooster.


Earrings: USD 12
Toppers: USD 2

Author: say1

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