Wooden Music Boxes

Amusing and adorable take on traditional music boxes

The rotating figurines and delicate (and somewhat tinny) melody of a music box mesmerize the young and the old alike. My toddler and I chanced upon a display of wooden music boxes from Wooderful Life at Unart in Singapore and were held spellbound by little trains, ferries, buses, carousels, ferris wheels, animals, and dancing ballerinas going around and around to the melodies playing. You have to check out Wooderful Life’s prodigious offerings to appreciate just how fun and adorable their take on traditional music boxes is. Our favorite line is the City Wooden Music Boxes which are “woodscapes” of cities around the world, with a little vehicle of some sort (held by magnets that rotate beneath) traversing the woodscape. In Singapore we found a music box featuring the Marina Bay Sands and the Art Science Museum with a bumboat circumscribing the scene. In Hong Kong we found one with a rotating ferris wheel and a star ferry crossing the waters with the IFC Tower and Star Ferry Pier in the background. Taiwan (home of Wooderful Life) has music boxes featuring Alishan and Taipei 101.

If those don’t float your boat, perhaps music boxes with little tumbling animals or moving ones where a character rides a tricycle or drives a car, might. All are constructed of wood with a Japanese Sankyo music movement. Sankyo has an interesting writeup of the history of music boxes here.


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