Yojiya Aburatorigami (Oil Blotting Paper)

Thin, velvety oil blotting sheets from Yojiya - the gold standard

A Kyoto cosmetics company founded in 1904, Yojiya is particularly famous for its “aburatorigami” or oil blotting paper. These thin velvety sheets beautifully absorb excess facial oil, reducing shine and allowing smoother application of cosmetics. Interestingly, these papers originated from the production of gold leaf 1000+ years ago in Kanazawa, when they were used to protect the gold during the hammering process, and were later found to be surprisingly good at absorbing oil. They have been, and remain, a key constituent of the makeup arsenal of geishas and kabuki actors who prize them for keeping their makeup looking fresh.

Yojiya now offers papers infused with aloe vera, papers for setting lipstick, and papers with pigmented powder (beige, pink, pearl).


Original aburatorigami, set of 5 booklets, 20 sheets each: JPY 1,630 + tax

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